Production/Studio Expo

Production/Studio Expo

Video & CG Production Expo (CREATIVE JAPAN)

What's Production/Studio Expo?

Japan’s leading exhibition for video, CG, content production companies. The show is the best platform to find business partners!


  • Video Production Companies
    TV program, entertainment, educational program, event, promotional video, government film, CM, corporate film, etc.
  • CG Production Companies
  • Content Production Companies
    anime, music, game ,etc.
  • Production Tool Companies
  • Local Government
  • etc.


Gain production orders of

  • Video, CG
  • Related Content
  • Merchandises/ Services
  • etc.


  • Media
    TV stations, game companies, publishers, newspaper, music labels, etc.
  • Content Distributors
  • Production Companies, Creators
  • Corporate Enterprises/ Organizations
    Advertising, PR, promotion, product planning, marketing, etc.
  • Public Office/Local Government
  • etc.

Special Exhibit Zones

  • Video Picture/CG Zone
  • Music/Sound Zone
  • Local Government Zone
  • Anime Zone
  • Content Production Tool Zone
  • Content Business Support Zone
  • Game Zone
  • Drone Zone
  • For more details, please contact Show Management

    We are happy to send you materials below.

    • ・Cost estimate
    • ・Available booth locations
    • ・Rental display system
    •           etc.
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