Creators' Expo

Creators' Expo

Creators' Expo

What's Creators' Expo?

An unique exhibition where 700* individual creators in various genres such as authors, cartoonists, illustrators, photographers, game developers, etc. exhibit to promote themselves to visitors of CONTENT TOKYO.(*expected)


  • Creators
  • Video/game/music
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Illustrators
  • Calligraphers
  • Authors, Writers
  • Manga/Comic artists
  • etc.


  • Sell your designs/ideas
  • Sell your plans/arts
  • Find your business partners
  • etc.


  • Media
    /web/advertising, etc.
  • Advertising/PR Division., Product Development Division.
  • etc.
  • For more details, please contact Show Management

    We are happy to send you materials below.

    • ・Cost estimate
    • ・Available booth locations
    • ・Rental display system
    •           etc.
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