Graphic Design Expo

Graphic Design Expo

Graphic Design Expo

What's Graphic Design Expo?

An exhibition dedicated to bringing advertising/web/editing production companies and their clients together.
Appeal your designs & services, and take orders from qualified customers!


  • Design Firms/Advertising Companies
    Advertisement, poster, flyer, POP, leaflet, catalog, presentation/promotion tool ,etc.
  • Web Design Production Companies
  • Editing Productions
  • Printing Companies
  • Production Tool/Solution Companies
  • etc.


Gain production orders of

  • Advertisement
  • Editing
  • Website
  • etc.


  • Publisher/Newspaper
  • Other Media
    TV stations, game companies, music labels, etc.
  • Corporate Enterprises/Organizations
    Advertising, PR, promotion, product planning, marketing, etc.
  • Public Office, Local Government
  • etc.

Special Exhibit Zones

  • Advertising Design Zone
  • Web Design Zone
  • Editing Production Zone
  • Printing Service Zone
  • For more details, please contact Show Management

    We are happy to send you materials below.

    • ・Cost estimate
    • ・Available booth locations
    • ・Rental display system
    •           etc.